Ramon Bueso

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For almost 40 years, Ramón Bueso has worked tirelessly behind the curtain of the tobacco industry. During this time, his impact has been tremendous, transforming the industry with his remarkable talents and diligent work ethic. As a result, numerous brands and blends have been a part of his legendary work, but his name has remained unknown. Now, Ramón Bueso has stepped away from the curtain to reveal his first exclusive cigar, titled Genesis the Project.

Began honing his mastery of cigars in 1977, working as a roller at the age of 15 Family’s land was home to Honduras’first tobacco farm
Confidant & colleague to legends Estelo Padrón & Frank Llaneza Vital in revolutionizing the legendary Villazon Factory
The driving force behind the renowned Punch & Hoyo de Monterrey brands
Spent nearly four decades crafting & perfecting premium cigars
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